Flag of St Piran

Flag of St Piran

Hi, Thanks for visiting my website. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch, I would love to hear from you. My contact details can be found further down the page - Pete Sobye

KSS Laser Products started life as Kernewek Shack Signs. Since I started making shack signs and clocks I have introduced a new line in Morse Key Covers. I thought it appropriate to change the name to reflect that I no longer make only signs! The word Kernewek is original "Cornish" language and actually means 'Cornish' - Cornish Shack Signs.

  My edge lit, laser cut signs and clocks are made for Ham Radio Operators, Shortwave Listeners, recording studios, radio stations and pretty much anyone else. I also make covers for morse keys. I have many templates already however, if I d not have a template for your key, I just need a few simple measurements to make it up.

I make the stands, with LED incorporated, from scratch and also the sign panels themselves. Both are made from high quality, crystal clear acrylic sheet.
In addition to the signs, I can also incorporate a battery quartz clock movement and have your own illuminated Shack Sign Clock! Take a look at the examples further down the page.

Each sign requires a 12v DC supply and I leave this up to the individual to source. Most customers use their 12v Shack power supply to run the sign but you can buy a 12v mains adapter from ebay for a few pounds and this will suffice. Similar to this would be fine:-

This one is on eBay HERE

If you would like me to put a socket on, for one of these power supplies, please let me know at the time of ordering.
The colours I have available are:- Blue, Red, Green, White, Yellow and Pink / Purple. 


Illuminated signs start at 25 each.
Illuminated A5 Clock Signs start at 35 each.

Prices for morse key covers vary greatly, depending on the size of the key etc. Get in touch for a quote.

Payments are simple, I accept Paypal (as friends and family payments) and also direct Bank Transfer.
If you would like to order, I will send you either details on request.

Postage costs:-
My prices are 'all in' shipping is included in the price of the item. What I quote you is what you pay, there are no extras.

 Turnaround is dependant on stock but is usually around 3-4 days but please make contact to confirm.

Contact Information

email: pete.sobye@icloud.com
mobile / cell +44 (0) 7809 154611
Facebook:- KSS Laser (click here)


I am pleased to announce that I am now able to offer Multi Colour, Multi program LED signs. These are a little more expensive but you get Red, Green, Blue and all the colours in between! The prices start at 35 for an A5 sign but please make contact with me for more info on pricing.
 A short demo of these new signs can be seen here:-

I am based in Cornwall, UK - I have a full time job and make these items in my spare time, to fund the wonderful hobby of Ham Radio. I take my time in making your item and strive to be the best Ham Shack sign maker around. I am not interested in a quick turnaround using simple designs. I will make the most complex designs using intricate graphics and make sure, with your consultaion, that the signs/clocks are right for you! Signs and clocks can be tailored for Ham Radio Shacks, Shops, Clubs, Radio Stations etc..

Below are some examples of signs, clocks and morse key covers I have already produced.

Clocks and Signs


Morse Key Covers



To assemble one of my covers, please check out this video on my YouTube page:-

Click here to email me!

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